dog groomer grooming a bichon frise

Dog Grooming Models Needed in Northwich !

As a thank you to our successful dog grooming models, the cost of a full groom is just £18.00. All in all, it’s a great cut for a cut price!

Learning a new skill or brushing up on existing skills is always a challenge.

The Paw Pad, based in Cheshire, is one cool dog grooming academy that likes to offer hands on, or should that be paws on training for its students.

Having ‘the real thing’ to train with offers the best experience for would-be and new dog groomers and those just needing a refresher.

However, you might be wondering what is involved? Will it be the next best thing to supermodel status? Will your dog be the next star of the TV programme Pooch Perfect?!

This blog will provide a barkingly good insight into the world of pooch models here at Paw Pad.

The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy is based near Northwich in Cheshire. The academy includes a large premises with plenty of safe space and with all the latest and best dog grooming equipment, from grooming tables to undercoat rakes.

The academy offers three levels of certificates or diplomas for dog lovers who want to turn their passion for pooches into a viable business.

All the trainee dog groomers are helped by professional dog groomers who are generous with their time and through sharing their expertise.

One of the unique selling points of The Paw Pad is that when training starts, and once the Covid-19 rules allow, students use ‘live’ models from the very start.

It’s a bit like learning to drive; students need to be behind the wheel of a car in order to learn the skills. It’s much the same with dog grooming as nothing beats being able to learn the different cuts, trims and clips on a real, live pooch.

However, there are some elements to consider if you would like to put your best paw forward and take your dog along to The Paw Pad so your pet can become ‘dog’ walk perfect!

Any dog (and owner) that would like to be considered needs to ensure they are comfortable with the grooming experience. This means The Paw Pad only accepts dogs that would allow for a grooming session to take place without getting grumpy.

As trainee dog groomers take longer to learn their craft, any dog model will be ‘in use’ for a longer time than usual. This also allows for plenty of comfort breaks for pooch and trainee.

The other great thing about being accepted as a dog model at The Paw Pad is that a fully trained dog groomer is with the trainee at all times. This means instruction is given in a precise, accurate and informative way.

So, what type of breeds is The Paw Pad looking for?

Wire-haired terriers are really sought after. This is because their wiry coats give trainees excellent experience at hand stripping.

This involves removing dead hair from the coat by hand instead of clipping. This helps keep the coat tidy and healthy.

As a rule, the best times of the year to do this are in the spring and autumn and by carrying out this skilful task, it speeds up the natural process of growth and shedding for these particular breeds.

At this point it is worth saying that hand stripping in no way harms or hurts the dog; however, it does have to be done in the best way possible and that only comes with proper training and expert guidance. Some dogs might find the sensation a bit odd or strange. While the dog hair isn’t attached (like human hair is) it is best for a wire-haired terrier to have experienced this technique before so students can get this skill off to a tee.

The Paw Pad is also looking for bearded breeds such as Airedales, Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers. These stunning dogs need special clipping and cutting techniques to keep their beard clean and in good condition. As this requires close contact with around the dogs muzzle, dogs who are used to this type of groom are preferred.

And let’s not forget our super spaniel breeds! The Paw Pad welcome relaxed spaniels for students to groom, too.

You might be asking: how do I get in touch if my pooch fits the bill? Also, how long will a trainee dog be required for? And are there any costs involved?

A trainee dog grooming session takes a bit longer than usual so please allow up to four hours per visit. Don’t worry as the dog is well cared for with lots of rest breaks and exercise too.

As The Paw Pad is keen to train the best dog groomers around, if you have a wire-haired terrier, then she or he will be groomed for free! Yes, that’s right … for free.

Our trainers and students are a hard-working bunch of people and The Paw Pad will always try to pair up a trainee with a suitable pooch though it is worth saying this might not always be possible.

A dog grooming session with a trainee and a qualified supervisor will include a bath, a hand dry, a nail trim, an ear clean and pluck if needed and a full clip to your specification.

And while the Covid-19 restrictions are in place for everyone’s health and safety, The Paw Pad is only carrying out welfare grooming, which includes problems such as matted coats, nail problems and similar.

Yet one day, we will return to a normal world, or perhaps one that features the new normal.

We will always want to care for our dogs and make sure they are healthy and look their best.

As dog ownership has increased steeply  during the Covid-19, there is even more need for trained dog groomers to be there for our four-legged-friends.

We hope this blog has given you an insight into the best way to train a dog groomer or refresh a dog groomer’s skillset. And who knows your dog could be the next supermut super model, thanks to The Paw Pad!