Dog Grooming Courses in the UK

Unleash Your Passion for Dog Grooming at at our Training Centre in Cheshire

Hands-On Dog Grooming Courses

Taking care of our furry friends goes beyond just cuddles and playtime – pet hygiene and safety is essential for their health and happiness!

Regular grooming keeps them looking their best and prevents multiple issues. By brushing and combing, you can say goodbye to tangles, mats, and uncomfortable skin problems. Plus, it’s like a mini massage that improves blood circulation and keeps their skin healthy and shiny.

Trimming those nails helps prevent painful paw problems, while cleaning their ears and teeth keeps infections and dental troubles at bay.

When it comes to becoming a professional dog groomer, our dog grooming courses go above and beyond the basics. We’ll teach you breed-specific cuts, how to handle all kinds of coats, and the art of using grooming tools and equipment. With a dog grooming certification, you will be able to identify skin conditions and other health concerns early on, allowing owners to provide appropriate care or refer the dog to a veterinarian.

Our courses teach essential safety practices and handling skills, ensuring the well-being of both the groomer and the dog. We also cover techniques for calming and grooming anxious dogs for a stress-free experience.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the paw-some dog grooming job prospects! With the demand for professional groomers growing rapidly, your newfound skills will open doors for you. Whether you want to work for someone else or start your very own dog grooming business, you’ll have the confidence and expertise you need in your new career.

So why wait? Our training courses in Cheshire offer one of the best learning environments around. Get ready to embark on a tail-wagging adventure in the world of dogs !

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Course Offerings in Northwich, Cheshire

Here at the Paw Pad Academy, we have three levels of hands-on professional dog grooming courses teaching modern dog grooming techniques, all operated from our training centre in Northwich, Cheshire, just South of Manchester.

The Paw Pad courses do not require any written coursework other than notes you may wish to take during tuition. Our vocational, accredited dog grooming training course is 100% hands-on from day one. What’s more, you will receive a dog grooming certificate on graduation.

We provide individual dog models and dog grooming equipment for every Paw Pad Course you take. This way, you can avoid the frustration of sharing one dog model between a whole class.

That’s paw-some!

We also include advice as to what and where to purchase equipment and how to obtain discounts from major suppliers.

Students receive a business pack and advice about how to set up and manage their new dog grooming business, a free dog first aid DVD, and on-going post-course support within a private study group. All of this is included within our courses cost and available for as long as you may need it.

We understand that everyone is different, so please feel free to contact us and discuss anything you’d like – we don’t bite!

Level 2 | 10 Day Dog Grooming Diploma

So, 10 days to learn a new profession in a dog grooming salon. Really? Absolutely! The wonderful thing about dog grooming is that, regardless of the breed you are grooming, the preparation is always the same. They need a brush through, de-matting, pad trimming, nail clipping, ear clean/pluck, bath and dry. This only leaves the more complex, breed-specific grooming and styling left to master. Once you’ve got the hang of the prep, you can then sail through to styling, making the process a lot less daunting and time-consuming.

Level 3 | 15 Day Dog Grooming Diploma

Our most popular Dog Grooming Qualification.
Get ready to be super confident because this is The Paw Pad Dog Grooming School’s ultimate confidence-building, grooming training!
This grooming course helps fine-tune your styling technique so that by the time you graduate, you’ll be quicker at grooming and earn more money. It also gives you time to get creative with your clipping and scissoring skills. You’ll be whizzing along confidently after completing our Level 3 training!

Level 3 Extended | 20 Day Dog Grooming Diploma

Over this extended dog grooming course schedule, you get plenty of experience in our salon with our Head Trainer. Expect to learn the tools of the trade, product suitability, handling, bathing/drying, nail clipping, ear plucking and technical, breed-specific clips.
By the time you complete this dog grooming certification, you’ll be able to groom any dog you meet!

You do not have to take our Level 2 course to attend Level 3 courses.

Dog Grooming Qualifications & Prices

Level 2

Dog Grooming Diploma
£ 1,999
10 Days
  • No Experience Required
  • Confidence Building
  • Hands-on Grooming Every Day
  • Skills and Business Advice
  • Dog Handling
  • Dog Health
  • Grooming Equipment
  • 3 Dog Styles
  • 17 Grooming Techniques
  • Private Study Group

Level 3

Dog Grooming Diploma
£ 2,499
15 Days
  • No Experience Required
  • Super Confidence Building
  • Hands-on Grooming Every Day
  • Skills and Business Advice
  • Dog Handling
  • Dog Health
  • Grooming Equipment
  • 5 Dog Styles
  • 34 Grooming Techniques
  • Private Study Group
most Popular

Level 3 Extended

Dog Grooming Diploma
£ 3,099
20 Days
  • No Experience Required
  • Super Confidence Building
  • Hands-on Grooming Every Day
  • Skills and Business Advice
  • Dog Handling
  • Dog Health
  • Grooming Equipment
  • 5 Dog Styles
  • 34 Grooming Techniques
  • Private Study Group

Our Core Principles in Dog Grooming Courses

Experienced Trainers

Our courses are taught by experienced dog groomer teachers who are experts at all types of dog grooming theory.

Live Dog Models

From day one, you'll work with a live dog model exclusively for yourself.

Great Atmosphere

Relaxed, non-pressured dog grooming salon atmosphere. You will feel like part of the family!

Dog Grooming Equipment

We’ll help you buy grooming tools and equipment and explain how to maintain it.

Business Advice

We'll show you how to price your services just right, attract and retain clients, and get the right insurance coverage. We'll also guide you on how to keep records of your clients' details.

Comprehensive Learning

Besides practical dog grooming experience, you’ll learn the tools of the trade, product suitability, handling, nail clipping, ear plucking and technical, breed-specific clips.

Dog Grooming Qualification

You will receive a signed Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy Certificate at the end of your course.

Small Class Sizes

We take no more than 3/4 students at a time, so you can be sure you’ll get our full attention, and we can tailor the training to your ability level.

Facilities at Centre

Get ready for some hands-on dog grooming training at our fully operational training centre. You'll have the perfect environment to sharpen your skills and gain practical experience in the art of grooming dogs.

Career Opportunities

Get ready to be super confident with the ultimate confidence-building, grooming training! Great if you want plenty of experience before you set up your own business.

No Previous Experience Needed

You can start your journey to becoming a qualified dog groomer with no previous training or experience!

Post-Course Support

We remember how daunting it is to first start grooming dogs. But don’t worry, we’re here to ease you into your new career and support you when you need it.

Benefits of a Dog Grooming Training Centre

What Our Students Say about their Dog Grooming School

Amazing staff! Alistair, Abi and Ali I cannot thank enough for their help and support throughout my training. Cannot recommend Paw Pad enough!
Lauren Heath
I completed my level 3 diploma here at the Paw Pad Grooming School. I would highly recommend anybody wishing to change their career to dog grooming to enrol here, the 'team' are fab-u-less! Just to add, the safety of the dogs during our training was definitely the biggest priority, this is probably the most important lesson that I walked away with.
Jo Mason
Fabulous business with friendly and caring staff. Having trained there I can vouch for the professionalism and excellent service received by every customer.
Karen Gordon

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Dog Groomer

  • The ability to be both gentle and firm with dogs.
  • The ability to calm down nervous dogs
  • Strong attention to detail
  • The ability to work with your hands for clipping and trimming
  • Strong communication skills for interactions with owners
  • A calm and composed demeanour under pressure.
  • Patience and understanding

Yes, both our Level 2 and Level 3 dog grooming courses are suitable even if you have no previous experience.

Our dog groomer training courses are in blocks of 10, 15 or 20 days.

Surprisingly,  the dog grooming industry is an unregulated profession and anyone can start a career as a dog groomer! Obviously, we don’t suggest this recommend taking a dog grooming course.

In certain circumstances we can help with a payment plan. Contact Alastair and have a chat.

Accommodation During Training

If you require accommodation in Northwich while you are training with us, we’ve compiled a list of good local options.

Get in touch and we can help.

Accommodation is not included in our course prices.