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Learn from the experts at The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy. Based in Northwich in Cheshire, we provide hands-on dog grooming training enabling you to get working as a confident, professional dog groomer.​

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LEVEL 3 Dog Grooming Course

Payment plans available for £2,499.00 (£420/month for 6 months).



This course includes the following and many more.

These offer will run from the

24th of June until 12th of July 2024

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Hands-on dog grooming training from day one with The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy, Northwich Cheshire

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Discover a Rewarding Career in Dog Grooming

Being a professional dog groomer is a great career choice if you are thinking of changing jobs or earning extra cash. During times of recession, the pet industry tends to survive barely unscathed. People love their pets and want them to keep fit and healthy.

One of the best feelings is when a dog that’s been scared of the groomer and the grooming experience finally relaxes and lets you clip their nails, clip their fur, dry their head or trim their pads without stress. Gaining that trust from a dog makes it all worthwhile and here at The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy in Cheshire in the North West, we train you so all your pampered pooches are perfect!

The benefits of becoming a trained dog groomer are that you’ll make new friends, meet and fall in love with hundreds of dogs and have a lucrative career. You will also have a skill that you can take with you, wherever life takes you and be your own boss, giving you the flexibility for your own work-life balance.

Become a much-needed, qualified and trained dog groomer with help from The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy. There is a dog grooming course suitable for everyone seeking to set up their own dog grooming business. No previous dog grooming experience or qualifications are required before you start your dog grooming training.

At The Paw Pad, we love dogs, and we believe that the finished look of a dog is as important as the loving care and attention we give our pets.

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Diploma in Dog Grooming

Learn how to become a professional dog groomer in Cheshire.


Level 2 Dog Grooming Training Course Diploma

The great news is attending this accredited level 2 dog grooming course and obtaining your qualification means you can start your journey to becoming a qualified groomer with no previous experience with this popular dog grooming course.


Level 3 Dog Grooming Training Course Diploma

Be super confident with this qualification because this is our ultimate confidence-building level 3 dog grooming course if you want plenty of experience before you set up your own business. No previous experience needed to attend our accredited Level 3 Extended Dog Grooming Diploma.

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Level 3 Dog Grooming Training - Extended Diploma

As Level 3 but extended to a 4 week program. Be super confident because this is our ultimate confidence-building level 3 extended dog grooming course. Plenty of experience of different breeds before you set up your own business. No previous experience needed to attend our accredited Level 3 Extended Diploma. 

Have any questions or just want to chat? Call Alistair on

If you’re ready to start your dog grooming training, you can enrol by completing the form.

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How to Become a Dog Groomer

Are you wondering, how do I become a professional dog groomer?
The answer could be in our Guide to Becoming a Dog Groomer for more information.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Dog Grooming Business

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Meet your Dog Grooming Training Team

The Paw Pad staff are fully trained, friendly and completely understand that the decision you have taken to change your career is one of the biggest you will ever make. We are here to put you at ease with this transition and we are available any time after you graduate for free, on-going support.

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Alistair - Owner
The Black Boss Dog
The Boss
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Kerry - Trainer

Dog Grooming Qualifications & Prices

Level 2

Dog Grooming Diploma

£ 1,950 10 Days
£ 1,950
10 days

Level 3

Extended Dog Grooming Diploma

£ 2,499 15 Days
£ 2,499
15 days

Level 3 Extended

Extended Dog Grooming Diploma

£ 3,099 20 Days
£ 3,099
20 days
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What qualifications do I need to be a dog groomer ?

The short answer is you don’t need a formal qualification to become a dog groomer ! Shocking I know ! Dog grooming is an unregulated business just like dog training or web design. However, it is best to find a trusted dog grooming course to ensure best practice and safety.

There are also no facts to suggest that it will become regulated.
Our dog grooming training is carried out by our experienced dog grooming training together with business advice and help in setting up your own business or grooming salon.

What Our Students Say about their Dog Grooming School

I recently completed my level 3 dog grooming course and the team were fantastic. The trainers and owner were extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. The level of training provided was excellent and the support is still there when you finish the course. On day 1 you are given health and safety briefing for your own safety and the dogs, this is carried on throughout the course as health and safety for all parties is their main priority. They are all amazing at what they do and their love for the dogs is unreal ♥️ I would highly recommend a course or a dog groom here.
Rebecca Decker
I completed my level 3 diploma here at the Paw Pad Grooming School. I would highly recommend anybody wishing to change their career to dog grooming to enrol here, the 'team' are fab-u-less! Just to add, the safety of the dogs during our training was definitely the biggest priority, this is probably the most important lesson that I walked away with.
Jo Mason
Honestly - we wouldn’t want to trust anyone else with our springer spaniel! Every team member goes above and beyond, whether for a groom or day care services. We feel lucky to have such a caring team of experts in the area who are just really lovely humans!
Amy Stevo

Dog Groomers Training Gallery

Our passion for grooming is reflected in the pride we take in our work, and we’re delighted to share the love and care we pour into every furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Dog Groomer

How do I qualify as a dog groomer in the UK ?

Find a reputable dog grooming training course like ours at the Paw Pad. Look at our reviews and give Alistair a call or come visit us.

We have a detailed checklist of grooming techniques which we teach. We observe and check your techniques as we go through the course. You will learn health and safety, handling, equipment, first aid and practical things like how to set up your own dog grooming business. We normally start with a two hour introduction to dog grooming and you will be grooming from day one.

Our 3 dog grooming courses at the Paw Pad range from 10 days, 15 days and 20 days. We recommend our Level 3 Course 15 day course, which is our most popular course.

You will learn many grooming techniques and dog styles including, spaniels, poodles, bearded, drop coats and bathing and brushing. By the time you have completed our 3 week course you’ll be able to groom any dog you meet!

Based on 5 dogs a day at an average of £40 a dog, a good estimate is £1000 a week before tax. Set up costs are around £6,000 including a dog grooming course.

Yes all our model dogs are carefully chosen by the Paw Pad training team. If you wish to bring your own dog please have a chat with Alistair.

Dog Groomers Northwich

Do you need a dog groomer and live in and around Northwich ?

Urgently needed dog models, especially Bearded Dogs and Poodles !

Did you know we are always looking for dog grooming models for our salon and our custom-built grooming school is the perfect place for your pooch to relax, unwind and become a super model!

We offer bathing, clipping, nail trimming and hand stripping. Your pooch is guaranteed to leave with that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling…because they’re worth it! And all at a discounted rate of £18 that’s around 50% off a normal groom. Please get in touch and book your dog groom with us.

Call to Book Your Dog Groom on 07960 289339.

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