Paw Pad Professional Dog Grooming Courses

Level 3 Extended Dog Grooming Course & Diploma - 20 days

One of our most popular dog grooming courses!


Master the art of dog grooming in no time

It takes time to learn any new skill.

But what if we told you that you can go from zero experience to pro dog groomer in just 20 days?

When you enrol in our Level 3 Extended Dog Grooming Course with Diploma, you’ll learn everything from the basics of cutting for specific breeds to grooming techniques that promote dog health.

Not only will you gain a wealth of invaluable hands-on experience, but you’ll graduate with a dog grooming certificate as proof of all your hard work!

Build the confidence you need to become an expert dog groomer

Dogs are the best. That’s why they deserve the very best grooming experience every time!

Become the type of pet groomer you’d want to send your beloved dog to with the help of professional training and guidance from industry leaders.

Working with animals is a learning curve. Get the right kind of support you need to build your confidence so you can grow into a fantastic dog groomer.

From managing anxious pooches to ensuring your safety as well as the dog’s safety throughout the session, you’ll feel totally comfortable taking on whatever situation comes your way after completing the Level 3 Diploma!

Behind you, every step of your dog grooming journey

Whether you’re looking to get a job in a grooming salon or hoping to set up your own practice, starting a new career can be daunting.

Our wonderful team of friendly and supportive dog grooming trainers are here to guide you as you learn new skills, navigate your new environment, and ultimately hone your craft.

In our training salon, you’ll gain all the necessary knowledge and grooming experience you need to set you on the right path using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Your canine clients will go from ruff to Crufts in no time, leaving them looking and feeling fresh with their tails wagging after a fun and relaxing experience at the salon!



Positive Learning Environment


Breeding happiness

We don’t just love making dogs happy, but all of our wonderful students too!

Here’s what some of them had to say about their pawesome experience with Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy.

I completed my level 3 diploma here at the Paw Pad Grooming School. I would highly recommend anybody wishing to change their career to dog grooming to enrol here, the 'team' are fab-u-less! Just to add, the safety of the dogs during our training was definitely the biggest priority, this is probably the most important lesson that I walked away with.
Jo Mason
Amazing staff! Alistair, Abi and Ali I cannot thank enough for their help and support throughout my training. Cannot recommend Paw Pad enough!
Lauren Heath
Fabulous business with friendly and caring staff. Having trained there I can vouch for the professionalism and excellent service received by every customer.
Karen Gordon

Setting you up for success as a professional dog groomer

We’re determined to make you feel fully prepared to step into the world of professional dog grooming after completing your course with us.

That’s why we only accept around 3-4 participants into each class so you can get the time and attention you need to improve your skills, ask questions, and get the most out of your time with us.

You’ll even get your own dog model to work on each time so you’re never waiting around or sharing!

As well as teaching you dog grooming techniques and best practices, we also ensure you’re ready to start your career right away, offering business advice and ongoing support free of charge, even after you’ve graduated from Paw Pad Academy!

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Level 3 Extended Dog Grooming Course & Diploma - £3,099

Get ready for an amazing time at our dog grooming academy! Our pawsitively awesome 20-day course is available for as low as £3,099. Your furry adventure will include the following tail-wagging perks:

Your dream career as a dog groomer is just around the corner

Don’t let a lack of experience stand in your way. Sign up to our Level 3 Extended Dog Grooming Diploma today to start making your dreams a reality!