The Ultimate Dog Grooming Equipment List

Here you will find the comprehensive list of all the tools and bits that you need to start your own dog grooming business!

There is a lot of different equipment and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, so we put together this complete shopping list to guide you through what you need to look for.

Remember, tools are one thing but you also need the skills. Check out our dog grooming courses to learn what you need to know to become a dog groomer.

Okay – without furr-ther ado here is the shopping list...

Dog Grooming Table

You need somewhere to put the dogs while you groom them. A good dog grooming table will keep your furry customer safe and secure while they get their makeover. The best grooming table for you will for you will depend on where you will be grooming dogs. Some people have salons, some have mobile grooming vans, while others provide their services in their client’s home. If you want to groom large dogs, then you will need a grooming table at least 36 inches long.

Dog Grooming Table

There are many different tables to choose from so you need to decide which is best for your budget and circumstances:

Static grooming table

These are regular, good old fashioned, do-what-it-says-on-the-tin tables. No frills and good for start-ups as they are cost effective and reliable. Be sure to get the right size (over 36 inches if you’re grooming large breeds and over 46 inches if your grooming giant breeds). If a holding frame comes attached, even better.

Hydraulic grooming table

Not to be confused with electric tables, these are raised and lowered using a built-in foot pump. These will save your back when grooming large and giant breeds, but they don’t go all the way to the floor. However, any large dog should be able to jump on and off it at its lowest height.

Electric grooming table

The most expensive type of grooming table, but they offer the perfect solution for raising and lowering dogs of all shapes and sizes. If you have any back problems, this is the table to buy.

To complete your grooming table setup, you will need a few extras to hold the dogs in place while they are on the grooming table.

Holding frame

A nice frame to attach to your grooming table is handy for attaching straps to so that you can keep the dogs in place.

Bellystrap/Support Strap

Bellystraps are great for keeping dogs in the right place and comfortable.

Basic Noose

A good noose is the final piece in the puzzle to keep the dogs safe and secure.

Learn More about How to Become a Dog Groomer with our Ultimate Guide on everything you need to know.

Dog Grooming Clippers

Your electric dog grooming clippers are your main dog grooming tool, like Indiana Jones’ whip, or Beyonce’s microphone. It’s important to get some clippers that you can trust to get the job done, be reliable and last a long time.
Dog Grooming Clippers

Best clippers: Andis 2-speed Clippers

These are the best, trust us. Some versions plug into the wall while some are cordless: both work well.
You will also need some extra accessories for your clippers:

Extra blades: 4F, 5F and 7F blades

You will need a range of blade lengths. Andis, Oster and Groom Professional blades will all fit the Andis clippers.

Steel Magnetic Comb Pack

These comb guides will give you some great flexibility.

Clipper Hygiene/Cleaning Spray

If you take care of your equipment then it will take care of you.

Dog Grooming Scissors

If clippers are your number one tool, then your scissors are a close second. These should be an extension of your arm. You want scissors that are sharp, comfortable and the right size for the job.

Trusted, good value scissor brands include Henbor, Kiepe, Groom Professional, Mars, Roseline and Fisher. Be careful if you buy off Amazon – a lot of the scissors on there are very bad quality.

dog groomers Scissors

4.5″/5″ Straight Scissors

You need some short scissors for pads, around eyes and detailing.

6″/6.5″ Straight Scissors

You need some medium length scissors for legs, faces, tails and tidying up.

7.5″/8″ Straight Scissors

You need some longer scissors for long legs and skirts.

6.5″ Single Sided Thinner Scissors

These are just the tool for thinning hair. Make sure they’re not double sided or you will be thinning forever!

Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs

A slicker brush used in grooming dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and with all types of different coats. You will need the right brush and comb for the coat and the job.
dog groomers Slicker Brush

1 Large and 1 Small Soft Slicker Brush

Just the tool for getting rid of muck and matted hair.

Fine/Coarse Combination Comb

You will need this while lining up hair for cutting.

De-Matting Comb

Does what it says.

Undercoat Rake

You’re going to need this for dogs that have undercoats like German Shepherds and Pomeranians.

Bathing and Drying a Dog

An important part of dog grooming is washing the dog. A clean dog is a healthy dog, and you should always wash and dry before grooming.
dog being bathed at a dog groomers and shaking water everywhere


The type of bath and dryer that will be best for you will depend on how much space you have and whether you are operating from a salon or a mobile service. Get one that will fit and give you enough space to wash the dogs.


This, again, will depend on your space and budget. We strongly advise that you do not get a cabinet or cage dryer – these can be dangerous for the dog.

Main Shampoo

This will clean up the muckiest pup – get the 5L size because you will get through it quickly.

Baby Shampoo

Something a little bit gentler for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.

Flea Shampoo

Sometimes dogs have fleas, this will sort them out. You only need a small bottle.

Lots of Towels

Believe us – you can never have too many towels.

Dog grooming nail clippers

A good doggy pedicure requires the right tools for the job. Mainly you will need a few different sizes of nail clippers for different sizes of dog.
dog Nail Clippers

Small Nail Clippers

These are the nail clippers for small dog breeds like Schnauzers, Bulldogs and Terriers.

Large Nail Clippers

Small nail clippers just won’t cut the mustard (or the nail) for big dogs like Great Danes, Saint Bernards or Portugese Water Dogs. You need some large nail clippers too.

Cat Nail Clippers

Cats? I thought this was a DOG grooming equipment list? I can explain – puppies, bless their little hearts, have little nails that need special care and cat clippers do just the job.


Okay we’re almost done. We know that’s a lot to take in, but there are a few more items to make your dog grooming toolkit complete.
small dog at dog groomers with bow in her hair

Muzzles (1 Small, 1 Medium, and 1 Large)

Some dogs are very well behaved, some dogs not so much. A muzzle will help keep everyone safe and keep the dog calm.

Pet Friendly Disinfectant

A clean salon is a happy salon.

Groomer’s Shirt – Water and Fur Proof

A good dog groomer’s shirt will keep you looking smart and professional.

PVC Apron for Bathing

Dogs like to splash about, and it can get wet, so this will keep you dry.

Tick Removing Tool

A part of the dog groomer’s job is to keep an eye on the dog’s skin health, and to remove any ticks if they can.

Blood Stop Powder

There will be occasions when a dog is bleeding. Maybe from removing ticks, maybe from something else. It happens and its okay. This will help.

Ear Plucking Powder/Canker

Keep those ears clean.

Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

Very useful to keep things clean as you go.

Recommended Sellers

To get the best deals we recommend that you shop around a little bit. All of these websites are good places to get high quality dog grooming equipment:

One More Thing

We left one of the best until last: the dog grooming bible.

Notes from the Grooming Table 2nd Edition by Melissa Verplank

That’s pretty much everything that you need to get started! You will also need some hard work and some get up and go. And of course, you need the skills – if you are still learning then take a look at our dog grooming courses.