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The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Academy offers hands-on dog grooming training meaning our trainees require dog models to gain more experience.

At time of writing, due to Covid-19 Restrictions and Lockdown 3.0, we are currently only able to offer welfare cuts. This includes matted coats, nails digging into pads and similar issues. Please get in touch with us for further information.

However due to the ‘paw-pularity’ of our courses, we need pooch models to help our trainees gain experience.

Does your dog fit the bill?

Have a look at our checklist and see if your four-legged friend could become the next ‘dog’ walk sensation!

Our aim is to re-open for regular grooms as soon as it is safe to do so, so please get in touch with us about your pooch super model!

The Breeds

Confident Canines

The Costs*

As a thank you to our successful dog grooming models, the cost of a full groom is just £18 (half the usual price).

*For a limited period, suitable wire-haired terriers will be groomed/hand stripped for free.

In short, it’s a cut price for a great cut!

Please call us for further information 07960 289339


Contact us by the ‘dog and bone’ on 079 602 89339!

What Does The Groomer Cut Include?

Our groomer trainers fully supervise the session, making sure your dog gets the best possible result. For £18, your pooch will get:

Please ask about our social distancing/Covid-19 Secure measures that we have in place at time of booking, thank you.

How It Works

With our trainee groomer appointments, the cut will take a little longer than an appointment with a trained groomer would take. We ask you to allow four hours for a trainee cut. Rest assured your dog will not be on the table for the entire time, they get plenty of breaks to run outside, have a power snooze and refresh.

Our groomer trainers will fully supervise the clip, ensuring your dog gets the best possible result.

At The Paw Pad Dog Grooming Salon, we do everything we can to create a positive, and happy, stress-free environment.

We refuse to use cabinet dryers under any circumstances, preferring the one-to-one experience of hand drying each dog individually. This reduces drying time, stress on the dog and results in a nicer finish to the fur.  Please note we do not cage dogs, either.

Our goal is to ensure that every dog comes away happy, relaxed and looking great with the feeling of having experienced the highest possible level of care. 

We want your pet to want to return to us and be part of their positive, furry life experience.

We are confident that, once you get to know us, you won’t want to take your best friends anywhere else.

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