How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Firework Celebrations

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The nights are closing in and firework season has arrived, quite literally, with a bang. Although this is an exciting time of year for those celebrating Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year, it spells terror for many of our furry friends. Some dogs have no problem with the bangs, screeches and booms that surround us during this time, …

A very wet dog being shampooed

Dog Grooming Bathing Tips – How To Shampoo A Dog

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It seems simple doesn’t it, bathing? But, not only does it take a lot longer than people think, it’s also one of the most crucial tasks to keeping a dog hygienic and happy. One of the most common complaints by owners after their dog leaves a grooming salon is that the animal won’t stop scratching. This is purely because the …

Dog Grooming Tips – Guide To Nail Trimming

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One of the biggest worries of any trainee dog groomer is nail trimming. But do not fear, all this process takes is practice, practice, practice! Firstly you need to make sure the clippers used are the right size for the dog you’re working with. The right size clipper will ensure the nail fits easily between the blades and make the …

Dog Grooming Tips – Ear Cleaning and Plucking

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Most dog’s ears are prone to infection because of the way the ear hangs down over the ear canal – there isn’t much ventilation in there. Another common cause of ear problems in some breeds is a lot of thick hair within the ear canal. This hair traps debris, moisture and earwax which bacterial and fungal infections love. There are …