A 5 star certificate awarded to the paw pad

Five Star rating

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We are so proud to announce that The Paw Pad Dog Daycare & Grooming School has been awarded FIVE STARS by Cheshire West and Chester Council! Thank you to all our wonderful staff who work so hard and with such dedication for achieving this fantastic outcome. ? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ?

A freshly groomed dog sat next to a pile of his fur


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Lenny the Romanian Rescue dog after his handstrip and pamper this afternoon with one of our students! He loved every minute of it! ?? — feeling in love.

Famous dogs in history #1: Barry

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Dogs are great fun to be around, and they can be very noble too. They often go to great extremes to keep people happy, and it’s never been unusual for dogs to go even further – and keep people safe. Some dogs even save lives, and today we’re going to look at a very famous example of a life-saving hound. …

What’s your dog feeling?

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It’s true that when we look at our dogs, we are naturally inclined to attribute the same emotions to them as we do to ourselves – but how similar are doggy emotions to our own? And does a dog feel the same emotions as a human? Don’t worry…. This isn’t going to be a very scientific analysis of the way …

A golden retriever puppy looking very cute

Top Tips for Selecting the Perfect Pet to Share Your Life

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They say you can’t choose your family members, but the one place that isn’t true is selecting pets. After all, they definitely become part of the family. That makes it important to make a great choice, so do some research before making your new addition. First Thing’s First Before you do anything else, you need to decide what kind of …

two dogs walking together

Hypoallergenic dogs for allergy sufferers

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Some studies suggest that exposure in infancy helps safeguard babies from future pet allergies. However, adults who already have allergies to dogs may always get some effects and the hypoallergenic label may be no guarantee. So, what is it that triggers allergic reactions to dogs? The culprit is a protein found in their fur, dander, urine or saliva which infiltrates …