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The Best Dog Breeds For People Who Live In A Flat

When you live in a flat or an apartment and you are looking for a furry companion, it is definitely a case of size matters. When looking for a fur baby you will want them to feel as comfortable within their compact living space as its parents are and so with downsizing being trendy at the moment, this should certainly be at the forefront of your mind when searching for your four-legged companion. It is safe to say that a very bouncy energetic large dog would eventually find living in compact and close quarters a bit ruff and so hopefully this will point you in the right direction of what breed you should look for. However, when choosing the right dog for your living space you should also take into account the noisiness of the breed, energy levels and also the friendliness of the dog.

Whether you live in a studio flat, a cluttered apartment or a cramped condo this article will give you the ideal best breeds for your living environment, whether it is a miniature or toy breed, a small adventurer or a calm and sleepy couch potato who loves nothing better than sleeping the day away in bed, I am certain you will find the perfect pooch here.


This beautiful breed of dog is a perfect option for flats with thin walls and neighbours in close proximity of the flat. They are a small breed rarely growing higher than 18 inches and usually weigh no more than 25 pounds and renowned for being barkless so no complaints about noise levels. However, these cheeky companions can be very mischievous especially if left alone for long periods of time.

Bichon Frise

This cute and fluffy breed is adorable, to say the least. They are perfectly suited for a compact lifestyle as at their largest they are no bigger than a foot tall. They are an energetic breed so will need regular exercise but don’t let that put you off as long as they get a walk and played with their energy levels are more than manageable. They are very social dogs and love to be played with and fussed, they also shed very little fur so they are perfect for small places even for people with allergies.

Boston Terrier

Perfect for compact spaces these terriers rarely grow larger than a foot and a half and they are beautifully gentle and affectionate pets so good with everyone including children, they are however a very energetic breed and would need a brisk walk at least once a day to manage their energy levels


The bulldog is renowned for its laziness and because of that, it is the perfect furry companion for flat dwellers. They would require a short walk here and there but other than that they are happy to just sleep the day away.


Well known for its small size this is the perfect dog for small apartments as they require minimal exercise and love being with their parents, however they can be wary of people so maintain an eye on them with neighbours etc.

Chinese Crested

A particularly relaxed and laid back breed, with a small stature and the ability to lie in bed for hours these make a perfect pet for compact places, also for low energy individuals as they need minimal exercise.


These are cute, lively little bundles of fun, and due to their small stature and little legs, they can obtain their exercise completely indoors if needed so perfect for a low energy individual.

French Bulldog

This breeds small size and minimum energy requirements make it a great possibility for an apartment pet. They are very sociable and love to play. They also only bark when provoked or to protect their territory.

Lhasa Apso

These cute little bundles have attitude and like to think they are large dogs however they grow no larger than a foot in height. They require early training, daily brushing and regular bathing so better for an individual with a lot of time.

Maltese Terriers

These beautiful dogs with long hair are very affectionate and loyal. Although they have long hair they are not shedders which in an apartment can be handy. However, this breed has been known to suffer from separation anxiety and therefore best for people not away from home for too long.


These completely adorable fluffballs require minimum exercise but maximum attention, they love to be fussed and shown affection and attention by their parents. They are perfect for any flat or apartment due to their small size, low energy requirements and adorably affectionate nature.


These beautiful little furballs are balls bursting with energy. They are perfect for individuals who are out of the house a lot due to their independent nature. They require walking daily and are known to bark so that must be considered in the account of close proximity neighbours. They also requiring brushing once a week.


The best size poodle for a flat or an apartment is a toy or miniature poodle. They will need regular walks but will also be able to run off their energy within their living space too.


Pugs make a great apartment dog, they are not known for irritating barking or yaps so neighbours won’t be a problem, they are loyal and affectionate companions and are happy to relax and laze the day away. They love being with their parents tho and don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, therefore, better for someone who isn’t away from the flat a lot.

Shih Tzu

These can adapt to any living environment, they are relaxed and affectionate and very friendly. The perfect apartment dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

This toy breed is adorable and compact perfect for flat living. They can easily be exercised inside and are very affectionate. They can be yappy though which could be a problem with neighbours.

It is important to remember that this is just a guide and that all dogs are individual but as you can see there are plenty of breeds that will live comfortably and thrive within a compact living space, all you need to do now is choose your perfect companion.